Did I really just pay for that book?

Let’s start by saying if you are a traditional Barnes and Noble aficionado then, by all means, carry on without reading further as you have the ability to peruse your books before buying them.  Unfortunately for me the nearest bookstore with a decent business reference section is 45-60 minutes away. Upon completion of my Master of Science degree, I suddenly developed an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I have read more business and references books in the past 3 weeks then I’ve completed my entire life. Prior to this, I have never really considered myself an avid reader.  In fact, quite to the contrary, I read quite slowly. During this resurgence of academic desire, I have found that the level of quality writing and knowledge transfer differs from author to author.  What do I mean by this?

First, as I expected, the quality of content is relative. Relative to what? Frankly, at this point, I’m not sure because a few of these books achieved high praise from Forbes and others. In the last three days, I have finished two books.  Each of which was more like what I would expect Dr. Seuss to write if he decided to write business books for adults.  Seriously; this one book was nothing but 101 points each with their own “chapter”.  The chapter is a very loose definition as most consisted of less than 1000 words.

My second thought is that I was a victim of a typical marketing ploy.  Do not fall for a statement that Forbes makes about a business book just because it is Forbes. The salesperson, A.K.A. Forbes, NYT, etc. convince you that s/he have the best ideas on the market.

So, my recommendation is to use a sample function like Amazon’s “look inside” capability. Last year I discovered amazon prime; oh the joy.  However, I wish I had been a slightly more observant about the Look Inside feature.  Using this free feature would have provided enough insight to make a better decision on books I have sitting on my nightstand.


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