Our Approach


I would like to be clear, the acronym mySELF is simply how I define the forces that shape who I am.  I can explain who I am and how I define myS.E.L.F from my perspective but I believe it is important that we all recognize that our experiences in life change us as we move down the road. Are you the person that you thought you’d be? Does who and where we came from define me? I can’t define who somebody else is, that would be arrogant as I am not a psychiatrist.  Rule #1; I do not claim to be perfect at anything. I make mistakes but I will strive to constantly improve.  Every day the concept of S.E.L.F. defines who I want to be.



Our Story


Too often in the world today we find those that believe they are ahead of the pack. These misguided individuals err on the side of "I've learned all there is". Is there such a state in our professional or personal lives where we know everything? I offer this... Education is a beginning without end. I believe that learning is a never-ending cycle of what I like to call “GOT IT, What’s next?!”.  Here is how you learn to crawl... GOT IT, What’s next?! Here is how you learn to walk... GOT IT, What’s next?!  We never stop learning because every new experience or person that enters our personal and professional life adds something to our repertoire. So, I am an eternal student but not only from experience.


The term entrepreneur is overused.  Frankly, when I retired from military several years ago, I had no idea what the term meant or didn't mean.  Merriam-Webster defines an entrepreneur as one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.  If I truly work on myS.E.L.F. then I am an entrepreneur.  I organize my personal and professional life, manage my personal and professional life, and deal with risk for enterprise ME. This does not negate that I am an entrepreneur in the contemporary form, to the contrary, the two (Personal/Professional) exist in a symbiotic relationship. To be precise, you can’t separate the two they are one in the same. An entrepreneur can not attend a social event and disregard everybody in the room.  These are likely the same people that the entrepreneur relies upon for success.  Thus enterprise ME is the sum of my personal and professional lives and thus dependent on my ability to be an entrepreneur.  This is how enterprise ME impacts the enterprise I work with to be successful as well.


Cliché phrases abound in this area such as; Leaders are not born they are made.  I bring this phrase up because some believe they have already been made.  Here I will refer back to being a student and entrepreneur.  We must be constantly seeking new knowledge and experience. I believed I was a leader in the military and indeed I was, but I have managed my life and sought new experience to improve and adapt that aspect of enterprise me to constantly improve.


No discussion of who we are is complete without our family.  You are always a member of a family and I am fortunate to have all of my family. My family shapes my experiences and learning, motivates me when I need it most, applauds my success, and lightens the burden of my failures. None of the above matters without this support.

Question or Comment?

As I said, I'm not perfect and I am always looking for ways to improve.  Your feedback is welcome either individually via my contact me form or a blog post to provide a discussion on a subject you believe relevant.